Knowledge centre with information
for environmental management

In the Knowledge Centre you can find a variety of information on ways to reduce the environmental impact of SMEs and environmental management systems. Special attention is paid to climate change and how to mitigate its negative impact. Key issues related to eco-innovation and the green economy are presented.

Topics presented include:

1. Environment:
- What are the components of the environment?
- What about biodiversity conservation requirements?
- What are the main environmental management systems - ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and ISO 50001:2018?

2. Climate change:
- What has caused climate change and what are its consequences?
- What are the main greenhouse gases and what is the greenhouse effect?
- What are the ways to mitigate climate change?

3. Eco-innovation:
- What is eco-innovation?
- How is innovation transferred?
- What is the legal framework for intellectual property protection?

4. Green Economy:
- What is a circular economy and how does it differ from a linear economy?
- What is a low carbon economy?
- What are green energy, green transport, green jobs, green public procurement?

В The Library you can find interesting material related to the above topics, e.g. environment and climate brochures, strategies, plans, legislation, etc.

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For further information on environmentally friendly crop production, livestock farming, business operations, biodiversity conservation and good environmental practices, please visit the Knowledge Centre containing additional information resources.